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Confirmation He has Whole World in His Hands

Many of the nativities from countries and cultures around the world are displayed on the International Wall inside this Gallery and identified by their country.


Some of the 60+ countries represented include Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Columbia, Hawaii, Philippines, Caribbean, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Tanzania, Italy, Poland, Israel, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Laos, American Indians, Russia, Guatemala, Argentina, Nairobi, Macedonia, Netherlands, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, Cozumel, Canada, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Holland, and many others.


The nativities include fabric, ceramic, crystal, china, wood, rubber, banana bark, resin, rocks, cement, various metals, yarn, wax, needlework, corn shucks, stained glass, straw, gold, lace, spun glass, shells, dough, seashells, cypress knee, eggshells, and more.

​With so many untouchables and breakables on display, a special area has been set aside for little children with their own space designed for their hands-on experience. There are puzzles, finger puppets, shakers, nesting dolls, wooden sets, soft sculptures, pillows and books for their curious minds.

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