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Christmas is the most celebrated time of Year!

Have you ever noticed how many nativities become Christmas Tree ornaments?

In our Gallery we have a special section devoted to displaying a wide variety of ornaments depicting Baby Jesus and company.

This Wonderland of our Gallery provides thousands of unique and delightful Manger scenes to enjoy year round!

Manger Tree.jpeg

  A large 7-ft. tree, the MANGER TREE, stands before the large window and displays approximately 800 Nativity ornaments depicting the Infant Christ Child.  Ornaments include spoons, wooden thread spools, lace, glass, ceramic, plastic, wooden eggs, alabaster cutouts, icicle-shapes, & children's art banners; some lighted, some open, some musical; some large balls, & some tiny carvings; some bulky and gaudy, some delicate and dainty. 

There is even one with Santa kneeling at the manger, because even Santa knows that the Infant Child in the manger is God's Gift of Love to all of us.

 The MAJESTY TREE, is a 4-ft. tree, decorated only with gold and brass ornaments, covered with finely spun, golden angel hair shimmering in the lights, and topped with a golden crown to remind us that God sent His Son, the King of Kings, to rule in our hearts. The gold color represents the Majesty of our Lord.

  The TREE OF LIGHT, is a 5-ft slender tree decorated with clear acrylic glass  crystal and spun glass ornaments that reflect the clear bulbs that encircle the tree.  This is to remind us that Jesus is the Light of the World, a beacon in a world of darkness, and that God's Light must reflect through us to others.  The wisps of silvery angel hair, and white look of the clear lights represent the Purity of our Lord. 

Majesty Tree_edited.jpg
Tree of Light_edited.jpg
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